Anaheim's Honda Center - Improv Ice, The Goo Goo Dolls, October 6. Also Evan Lysacek, Kristi Yamaguchi, Brian Boitano, Sasha Cohen, others
Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT - Tickets
Tickets for Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT are now on sale. Get tickets and showtimes here.
To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Cirque du Soleil will present Kooza under the blue and yellow Grand Chapiteau (big top) at the Santa Monica Pier from October 16 through December 20.
Los Angeles music and songs about LA, Hollywood,

New Los Angeles Tours community

New Los Angeles tour community opened its doors at where anybody can share their memories of Los Angeles
Manure Fire latest news update photo
While on Los Angeles tour just drove on 126 HWY, Telegraph road and fire seems to be growing. Saw couple of helicopters working hard to put some water. They are getting filled up at Fillmore and Camarillo reservoirs. Galina Tulchinsky from Los Angeles Tours,,
Moorpark fire is not affecting Los Angeles Tours. All Los Angeles Tours proceed as schedule.
New Los Angeles Tours community opened its doors and welcomes opinions, comments about sightseeing Los Angeles. Visit
Leonard Kleinrock's engineering lab at UCLA transmitted its first message to a twin machine in Menlo Park, Calif. (The message was the first two letters of the command "Login.")
Los Angeles is the birthplace of Internet 40 years ago. October 29, 1969 frist message was sent between computers at UCLA Lab
The Michael Jackson funeral guests are moving to mausoleum right now
traffic is easing up right now around Glendale cemetery, but watch out in an hour or so....
Live feed of Michael Jackson burial is no longer available on the web. Police car pursuit is on Chanel 9 now live coverage of Michael Jackson burial is removed from the Web. Who pulled the plug?
CNN live coverage of Michael Jackson burial is interrupted on the web
Michael funeral guests are seen 2 portraits of Michael on both sides
All seats are full at Michael Jackson memorial burial ceremony right now
Michael Jackson casket on wheeled podium is moved around little bit and flowers on top of the casket are freshened up
Michael Jackson lavish casket is on the podium in front of the guests
CNN Live coverage of Michael Jackson funeral is again shifted to helicopter camera. They are bringing the casket
It is rumored that Michael Jackson Burial ceremony costs family couple of million dollars and is the most expensive funeral ceremony of the 21 st century
After the burial Jackson family invited their guests to Celebrate Micheal's Life at an Italian restaurant in Pasadena
Jackson will be placed in a crypt in the Holly Terrace section of the Great Mausoleum of Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale
Michael Jackson brothers and close friends lining up and devise strategy on removing the casket in couple of minutes
Michael Jackson half body portrait is seen in in front of guests right now
Family and friends give condolences to Jackson family
Live TV coverage of Michael Jackson burial ceremony is up close now on CNN. CNN reporters are allowed to start coverage close now.
Jackson family taking their seats at the ceremony right now.
Live TV coverage is back with sound now
Live TV coverage of Michael Jackson burial ceremony is darkened
More close to Michael Jackson guests taking their seats in front raw's from arriving cars and limos
All media vans, are outside the private funeral area. They are getting ready to unload the casket
very tight security around Glendale Cemetery, Live TV coverage of Michael Jackson burial is made possible by helicopters only.
Michael Jackson casket cavalcade includes about 45 cars ranging from Bentley's to stretch limousines
Michael Jackson casket, escorted by police is arriving right now to Forrest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale
traffic is jammed on East Colorado street, North San Fernando Road and South Brand Blvd., near Glendale Forest Lawn Cemetery because of Michael Jackson funeral
Glendale Forest Lawn cemetery is located north of Downtown Los Angeles, between 5, 134 and 2 freeways
coverage of Michael Jackson burial resumed now
live tv coverage of Michael Jackson burial is interrupted on CNN and KABC
traffic is slow on a 5 and 2 freeway exits in Glendale
michael jackson burial live is at 22 at Google Hot trends right now
Michael Jackson funeral started at night because it was too hot during the day. Right now at almost 8 pm, it is 83F.
Glendale Cemetery is the first in the Forest Lawn system in Los Angeles. It is private and have tight security, so no onlookers are welcome
Sun ent down and now it is dark in Los Angeles. They use movie lighting to light up the area
seems to be only half invited guests arrived
Michael Jackson burial happening now at the Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale

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